How to steek an armhole

posted on: July 1st, 2019

So, there has been a fair bit of interest in a slightly longer edit of the steeking video I put up on Instagram the other day!

Steeking an armhole long from Emily williams on Vimeo.

This was filmed somewhat on a whim, but I will probably follow this up with a more detailed how to at some point, but I’ll have a knit a swatch to be able to do that.

My top tips:

– Use a crochet hook the same size, or slightly smaller, than your knitting needles for the project.
– Cut slowly and carefully!
– I like to use shetland lace weight for both the crochet and sewing down the steek. It will felt in nicely with the main fabric after it’s blocked, and reduces the bulk compared with using the project yarn.
– This is a 7 stitch steek (my preferred size) but they can be either smaller or larger
– This method is best used on a project that uses a good sticky yarn. If you are using something that won’t felt easily, such as super wash yarn, then you are best using a sewing machine to reinforce the steek.